Familieopstelling / Family Constellation

Some have fate written on their foreheads, others relate intimately or aloof to this or that and together they form a group of relatives. The whole is called FAMILY CONSTELLATION, consisting of 20 scurrile porcelain portraits, white as the wall on which they hang.

ZUS, KUT, GOD, STRAIGHT, MOM, FUCK, NO, FATHER and unnamed uncles, concealed loved ones, half-bleeds and mongrels, oldest daughters, nieces and never-born sons, cast-off great aunts, unknown mothers and stepfathers – they all look at you as or they are the spectators, as if they sit in a grandstand for the performance of life.
The basis for all images is printing in a limited number of templates. By exchanging and adapting physiological characteristics, they together form the portrait of a family. They hang together in clusters to emphasize relationships and isolations within kinship. Set-up and title are derived from a contemporary, popular form of psychological therapy, in which representation and arranging for family members play a crucial role.

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